Jan 17, 2007

Make Mine a Manhattan

I'm honored to have been asked by ScotchBlog's Kevin Erskine to contribute to one of his other endeavors, DrinkShoot.
I’m a sucker for alchemy in a glass. A true cocktail joins its alcoholic and nonalcoholic parts into a single glorious whole, seemingly by nothing but the magic of a skillful bartender. I was reminded of just how sexy a cocktail can be last week while dining at a neighborhood restaurant. I ordered a Manhattan the way I always do: rye whiskey, rocks, lemon twist. The waiter looked at me funny but placed the order anyway. A few moments later he returned apologetically to inform me that they didn’t carry rye. A waiter who doesn’t know his bar stock—should I be concerned?
Read the rest of the article at DrinkShoot.

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