May 14, 2007

Brew Your Own Birthday

There are many reasons why I love living with The Captain: he came with a crazy black cat, he's got a much better jazz record collection than I do, and he knows how to wield a pot and pan. But he outdid himself this weekend when he took me camping and made me a frigging birthday cake in the middle of the woods.

But what does this have to do with drinking? you might ask. It doesn't; I'm just bragging about The Captain. But the rest of my gift does: a brew-it-yourself day at Devil's Canyon Brewery. We've been wanting to homebrew for a while now, and I figure this is a great way to get my feet (and hands) wet. We'll get to take advantage of pro equipment and, even better, an actual pro!

We're still debating what style to start with—leaning towards pale ale for a first run (nice 'n' safe) but I'm open to suggestions. And in honor of this treat (next month, by the by), here are a few homebrew links for your (and my) edification:
The Brewing Knowledge Base
Brew Support Forum
Seven Bridges organic homebrew supplies (hell yes!)
The American Homebrewers Association
Fermenting Revolution (Make Beer. Drink Beer. Save World. Sign me up!)
If any of y'all have any tips for me, suggestions, questions, and so forth, lemme know.

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