Jun 26, 2007

Friday Happy Hour!

So much for the weekly series! I missed last Friday so this round's on me:
Stonch's Brewcam
If you enjoyed Jimmy's time-lapse vid that I mentioned in the first Happy Hour, you ought to dig this one, too. Stonch has set up a time-lapse camera right up in his homebrew and captures all the foamy, delicious action. Mr. Wizard, alas, would be proud.
Doin' It For the Ladies
It's weird: the business of booze is filled with women. But somehow it's the men who like to write about it. Lady blogger Natalie Bovis-Nelson of the Liquid Muse points us to the usual suspects, but what about las chicas? I know there are more of us womanly drinkers and alcohol enthusiasts out there! Like Marleigh (?) over at Sloshed! and the three femmes anonymous working the stick (is that a triple entendre or menage a trois?) at Liquor and Libations. We also have Cocktail Jen, who is admirably working her way through Mr. Boston's, one drink at a time. I know there are more of you, so speak up!
It's Always Happy Hour Somewhere
In case you need some help finding cheap drinks, try Unthirsty. Or Happy-Hour.net (limited cities), or Urban Drinks (limited cities).

Individual city listings | Miami | Dallas | Washington DC | Seattle | NYC
If you have more to add, please by all means do!


nerdling said...

It appears my anonymity was both short-lived and poorly planned. I suppose that's the way it goes when you spend your time blogging about cocktails—damn those loose inhibitions!


Jessie Jane said...

Oh geez, I hope my mad research skillz didn't cause any harm!! Forgive my prying ways....

(But that's what you get for writing a great drinks blog!)

Stonch said...

Hey, glad you enjoyed the brewcam! We bottled the batch last night - so now we just have to wait a few weeks before we can drink it. Meanwhile the Dolly CD plays continually on loop!

nerdling said...

Jessie—No worries! I don't exactly make a secret of who I am. I originally didn't include my name on the posts because I was blogging at LAist and didn't want to muddy up the waters, but that's been over for a while now and I was too lazy to come up with a new bio.

Glad to know I'm helping the cause of women in cocktail blogging. Bring on the girls!