Jun 14, 2007

Happy Hour: The Good, the Bad and the Boozy

This week has been insane for me, not least of which includes keeping up with some very interesting beer, booze and wine blogging.

The Good
  • Anheuser-Busch has opted to start using 100% organic hops in their organic beers (there is a lot of controversy over the USDA's potential decision to allow non-organic hops to be used in organic beers). Chris O'Brien, of the Beer Activist, has been covering this issue quite well. So, why is this good? Hopefully A-B will create the demand for additional organic hops, opening up the market for the smaller guys to get their hands on some, too.

The Bad

  • A couple has recently been jailed for chaperoning their 16 year old son's birthday party, where they served beer in limited quantities to attendees up to the age of 18. Jay Brooks has an eloquent analysis of the ruling.

The Boozy

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