Jul 12, 2007

Gary Regan Keeps It Real

As far as cocktail experts go, Gary Regan lands squarely in the top tier. What's not to love about the author of The Joy of Mixology? But Gary's got a little advice for all those bartenders who take "cheap digs at others who work behind the stick." And when Gary offers advice, bartenders would do well to listen.

Gary's missive about grandiosity and big britches is exactly why I respect this guy—the man's got class. We can talk about culinary cocktails and perfect proportions till the cows come home, but professionalism goes beyond knowing how to mix a drink. It includes hospitality—in the truest sense of the word—and it includes respect for others.

So the next time you get all uppity about the way someone's acting behind the bar, remember what mama (and Gary said): "go spread some love the way bartenders are supposed to do, say nice things about people you admire, and keep your mouth shut if someone gets your goat."

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