Jul 27, 2007

Happy Hour: Coattails of the Cocktail Edition

I didn't go to Tales of the Cocktail for two simple reasons: not enough time, and not enough budget. Those of my fellow drinks writers and cocktail aficionados who did get to go, however, have generously shared their boozy experiences with the rest of us little folk:

Duggan McDonnell
A gleeful, if hungover, description of what it's like to spend a week drinking with some of the biggest boozehounds in the nation. Duggan is the creative genius and owner behind San Francisco's Cantina.

Camper English
His swag bag awards are perfect—so much crap handed out events like these! Check out his entire haul. In one of his other TOTC recaps, he also touches on a point that consistently bothers me about the hospitality industry: we're not all friggin' meat eaters, people!

Stephen Beaumont
I like a man who speaks his mind. Steven calls out the moderator of one particular session, which takes balls in an industry where everyone seems to fawn a little too much for my tastes. It's a shame when people pay good money to watch someone not do their job very well.

Paul Clark
Paul lets us in behind the scenes, and then lets out what looks to me like my new favorite cocktail: the Procrastination Cocktail. Nothing could be more perfect.


Stephen Beaumont said...

Thanks for the mention, Jess, but at the risk of seeming pissy, it's StePHen, not SteVen. (It's a Scottish thing, or so I've been told. I had no say in the matter...)

I love Paul's post -- great stuff!

Jessie Jane said...

Jaysus, sorry for bein' such a jackass—it's not like I didn't know that!

(No wonder journalists hate bloggers—we have no commitment to accuracy!)