Jul 20, 2007

Happy Hour: Video Cocktails Edition

Though I would never belittle the skills of the incredibly talented mixologists below, I will ask one question: is it possible to make a cocktail video without coming off as a total dork?

As though merely writing about drinks makes me somehow less dorky.
The Cocktail Spirit with Robert Hess
Straightforward and informative, with fantastic background and historic details. Robert knows his stuff, and he does this for the love of the drink, clearly. You will learn something.

Cocktails on the Fly with Alberta Straub
I think there's a reason her stage name is "Flighty," but some of her recipes are rather intriguing. One caveat: she's quite the polarizing personality. I'm certainly not one to judge.

The Thinking Bartender's YouTube channel with George Sinclair
George doesn't actually say anything during these no-screwing-around vids, and he's got a nice balance of classic and trendier recipes. I'm not quite sure whether to bang my head, do aerobics, or light a cigarette and don a skimpy cocktail dress when viewing these.
Other drink videos I've mentioned previously but are worth checking out if you haven't yet: Stonch's Brewcam and Jimmy's Time Lapse Bartending.

Happy weekending!

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